The Master's Chair

No Plein Air Painting workshop with Bill Teeple this year.

So I brought the outside, inside, with my palette knife.  :)  Or is it inside, outside?  Who knows? Anyway, this one makes me very happy.  It also is a Keeper.  Now hanging on my special wall.

Janna Joy Ayers

Oil & Watercolor Paintings

HA - Happy Art

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Stay tuned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tickled Pink roses

A lucky moment.  Almost got it here.... Captured 'pink rose' essence with my palette knives.  A challenge to create petals with steel. Oil paint, 10"x10", deep edge canvas.

Bridge to Enlightment  2

I love bridges.  Spent much of my time in Japan exploring for  --and walking over -- many delightful bridges.  Happy Memories.

Thanks, Lars.  

I still love a beautiful bridge....

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