HA - Happy Art

Light the Light

Painted one evening at ICON Gallery.  I was listed on the Art Walk email as one of the "artists who paint". A joyous time spent with other painters. Watercolor, 5"x7". MGraham paints.

blue lotus

Last year's entry in the Fairfield Artists Association annual show, November 2015 to March 1, 2016.  Did not sell.  And I am very happy about this.  This one is a keeper.  Sits on my dining room table and fills my heart.  Some paintings are not for sale.

sweet  april Magnolias

​​ These gorgeous, blossoming trees really grow in Iowa! 

Love it. Painted from one of my photographs.

​Palette knife, Oil paints, 10"x10", deep edge canvas.

Getting back to my painting has been a joy.  Been studying at the ICON Gallery Art Institute in Fairfield, Iowa for over three years, since April 2014. 

This go round is even better and more joyous.  

Learning lots of new stuff in a supportive  space with positive Master Teacher Bill Teeple and other ICON students.  Very happy to be back with my "Tribe".

Janna joy Ayers

Oil & Watercolor Paintings